Since 1985, Dr. Anthony Cordisco and his dedicated staff have provided passionate foot care for multiple generations of patients.

General Footcare

The treatment of fungus toenails, corns, calluses, warts, ingrown toenails, athletes feet and the trimming of painful corns and calluses.

Heel Pain

Numerous treatment options are available including shoe modifications, padding and strapping, prescription night splint, off loading heel braces, injections, and realignment of the foot using professional quality prescription Rx orthotics which are custom casted to your feet.

Ingrown Toenails

We employ the latest techniques in the prevention, maintenance and correction of ingrown toenails. From gentile first time removal to permanent in office surgical correction.

Ankle Sprains and Tendon Injuries

Early diagnosis and aggressive treatment is vitally important to help insure a timely and healthy recovery. Immobilization, exercises, physical therapy, shoe modifications and patient education are offered so you can make a full recovery.  Prescription Rx devices including walking boots, ankle braces, splints, custom casted orthotics and off-loading shoe inserts are all available and properly fitted to patient on-site.

Diabetic Footcare

Specialized treatment to help prevent complications associated with Diabetes. Services included are professionally selected and fitted prescription Rx Diabetic shoes and inserts by Dr.Cordisco. We also offer, encourage and highly recommend regular foot checkups. These visits include preventive diabetic footcare, education and treatment options specific to your needs. Services include the professional cutting and trimming of corns and calluses and the grinding of painful thick fungus toenails. Dr. Cordisco uses properly disinfected instruments and medically trained techniques.

Fractures and injuries of the Foot and Ankle

Diagnosis through X-ray, MRI, Ultrasound and Bone Scans. Treatment options include immobilization with walking boots, surgical shoes and taping techniques.


Ingrown nails, flatfeet, injuries, fallen arches, in-toeing and painful heels all common problems associated with this age group.

Bunions and Hammertoes

Conservative care options including custom casted prescription Rx orthotics, off loading devices, splints, padding and shoe recommendations. We also offer surgical consultations.